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Shantou Mingda Craft Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. The company's current production base is located in Guanghua Road, Shantou City. It mainly produces lollipop paper sticks, cake paper sticks, chocolate paper sticks and cotton swab paper sticks. . The application range of product types is widely sold at home and abroad.has been cooperating with us for many years, Comay Daily Products Co., Ltd. is a joint venture specializing in the production and sale of personal care products. The product covers the whole series of cotton products such as cotton swabs (plastic shaft, paper shaft, wooden shaft), cotton sheet, cotton ball, folded cotton, cotton roll and so on. With a production capacity of more than 600 large containers, it is a company that enjoys a high reputation in the international cotton products market and has customers in more than 60 countries and regions. The customer base involves major international supermarkets such as: Wal-Mart, Target, Carrefour, Lotus Lotus, Japan Dachuang, Jiayingzhi, etc. "Kangmei" and "TOP-TIP'S" are our own brands, of which TOP-TIP'S has been awarded the title of famous trademark in Guangdong Province.

That's what we are - Mingda Craft!


                             —— Shantou Mingda Craft Products Co., Ltd.


We have our own factory - Shantou Mingda Craft Products Co., Ltd.

Mainly produces lollipop paper sticks, cake paper sticks, chocolate paper sticks

cotton swab paper sticks, etc.


It mainly produces lollipop paper sticks, cake paper sticks, chocolate paper sticks, cotton swab paper sticks, etc. . The application range of product types is widely sold at home and abroad.


Shantou Mingda Craft Products Co., Ltd.

And Pihe Hygiene Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. are wholly invested by Japan Heiwa Corporation. The company has continued 52 years of R&D and manufacturing experience of cotton products at the Japanese headquarters. It focuses on the manufacture and sale of paper shaft cotton swabs, cotton cotton pads, cotton towels, skin care masks and other products. It is well received by various professional customers and markets in Japan. Consumers' favor. With the international development of the Chinese market, in order to meet the needs of Chinese consumers and the international synchronization, the "Krando" trademark was registered in China in 2004, and the "Krando" series of products were built with high-quality raw materials imported from Japan to suit China. Brand. In terms of quality, it is subject to scrutiny from SGS, INTERTEK and other professional organizations every year, and has achieved excellent results.


At the same time, we are also exporting the Japanese-funded "HEIWA" industrial dust-free brand to Vietnam. . .

Our company attaches great importance to product quality, and has passed SMS, SGS and disposable hygiene product testing. It has accumulated rich industry operation and management experience, followed the high standards of "professional, unique, and quality", and has been recognized and praised by customers for its excellent service. At the same time, it has trained a group of top talents in the industry. It has established a perfect supply chain network, reached close cooperation with several powerful candy manufacturing factories and cotton swab manufacturing enterprises across the country, and formed a mutually beneficial strategic alliance.


In this new business model, we have four major advantages:

1. Price advantage. We are a model of design and production. We directly face the services of brand companies, reducing the profits of brokerage companies in transit links, and can bring 25%-40% price concessions to brand companies. The price advantage is very obvious.

2. Design advantages. The design of many middlemen tends to focus only on appearance, while ignoring the structural strength and practicality of the product. Cause irreversible errors and some unnecessary costs. We are good at product requirements. Because of this, it can achieve a perfect combination of appearance and quality.

3. Time advantage. After the middleman negotiates the contract with the brand company, he still has to negotiate the contract with the factory. In addition, the middlemen often face mass customers, so the quotation is often slower. Therefore, under our model of directly facing brand companies, product shipments tend to be more than three days earlier.

4. Shantou Mingda Craft Products Co., Ltd. provides professional, meticulous and fast high-quality services, to create high-quality and tailor-made products that are most suitable for customers. Strive to create greater brand added value for customers.

The company insists on R&D and innovation, pays attention to technological innovation, enhances technical strength, and cultivates a group of excellent technical personnel. Actively invest in product development and technological innovation, and guide the trend to drive consumer demand every year.

In recent years, Shantou Mingda Craft Products Co., Ltd. has continuously transformed and upgraded through technological innovation. In the future, the medium and long-term development of the enterprise will use first-class modern management to comprehensively enhance the sustainability and competitiveness of the brand, continue to focus on the Chinese market, and strive to become a global brand.

Mingda Craft

That's what we are - Mingda Paper Stick!












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